Price policy and discounts

Prices in the web shop are independent from manufacturers and traders fixed or minimum recommended reselling prices and are competitive with respect to the international market. In case you might find that elsewhere significantly lower prices are calculated for a product please contact our sales department, they will then try to adapt the prices in our web shop to the lower prices that you've seen elsewhere or they will make your an offer for the relating product.

Product pricing
All prices in the web shop are per piece unless explicitly stated otherwise. Products that are packaged per pair can only be ordered in pairs but may be priced per piece. The web shop will then automatically adjust the order quantity to a multiple of the packing quantity. For each product in the web shop is indicated how much there at least needs to be ordered. Small products such as screws are priced per bag or box.

Minimum order quantity
All of the preferred products can be ordered per piece, however, for some products applies a minimum order quantity. When you try to order less the web shop automatically adjusts the order quantity to the minimum order quantity. Above the minimum order quantity you can get any quantity that you wish to order.

Quantity discount
Virtually all product prices have qty discounts so you get extra discount if you buy a larger quantity of a product. The quantity discount may vary by brand or product type.

Spendings rebate
Our web shop provides a discount certificate to loyal customers , the so-called 'spendings rebate'. Based on your spending in web shop over the past 12 months, you will receive a discount certificate. You will receive for every 100.00 you spent in our web shop 1% additional discount with a maximum of 10%. This extra discount you will receive on your future orders.

Do not forget to activate the certificate in your account page before you place an order, the discount you get is directly visible in the order total in the shopping cart.

The discount rate is automatically calculated by the web shop based on your spending in the past 12 months and no correspondence will be accepted with respect to this.

No rights can be derived and is entitled to apply changes to these rules without prior notice.