Taxes is located in the Netherlands and for most deliveries to individuals to destinations in Europe we calculate the Dutch VAT rate. To some destinations within the European Union, it is possible that the VAT rate of the country of destination is calculated.

For orders outside the European community we do not charge VAT and the tax will be charged locally by customs/forwarder to the buyer. Please note that there may also be import duties that must be paid. For more information about local taxes you can contact your local customs.

Companies within the European community may shift VAT and remit it locally. This requires the buyer to supply with a valid European VAT number. Before an order can be accepted, will check the VAT number and after that a change in the customer's account information will be made, after this is confirmed to the buyer the web shop will display prices free from VAT and an invoice will be made free of VAT. Please note that we only ship goods to the address at which the VAT number is registred and no alternative shipping address is accepted.