HiVi research 5 inch bass-midrange
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Light and extremely rigid cone made from Kevlar? Paper composite-Sound is natural and accurate.
Germany special manufactured anti-tired high loss natural rubber surround: fully absorb unwanted vibration energy!
Britain produced high-transparent and high-steady spider-can improve the characteristic of compliance air compressing.
Linear phase frequency correcting design- broad the range of frequency response
Full sealed double magnet high performance antimagnetic system: dynamical linear drive resource.
Hi-Vi Symmetric Motor Drive (SMD) technology makes the voice coil into a symmetrical driving magnetic field, thus acquiring symmetrical driving force, reducing the mutual modulation of voice coil inductance and back electromotive force, improving the controllability of the speakers, achieving low distortion degree
Finite Element Analysis for high density aluminum frame, prevents the parasitic structural resonances
High power handling, heat-resistant Kapton? Voice coil former: the guarantee of high quality bass.
Sound Features: natural, accurate, high analysis, energetic.
Suitable for bass unit of two-way vented loudspeaker system, and also suitable for mid-range unit of 3-way loudspeaker system

The design of F5Ba has been optimized for an extended and dynamic bass reproduction in small vented systems as well as for midrange clarity and accuracy. F5Ba utilizes a newly developed black matrix of Kevlar and paper fibers. As a result, the cone weighs less, is more rigid and has an improved dampening factor over conventional Kevlar materials. The back of the cone is hand coated with a special dampening compound to further maximize performance stability and control of structural resonances.
The driver utilizes a central phase plug to avoid air compression and internal air volume resonance. The plug improves frequency response and dispersion as well. The Kapton former voice coil and air transparent spider contributes to the linear operation of the transducer at high power levels. The massive aluminum die-cast basket has been developed to minimize parasitic structural resonances. The shielded magnet structure allows the F5Ba to be easily incorporated into audio/video applications.
The driver may be incorporated in a small closed box as a bass-midrange unit, when a subwoofer is employed. Recommended crossover frequency region for a two-way system design is 2 - 4 kHz.

Nominal Impedance (Z)(Ω) : 8
Resonance Frequency (Fs)(Hz) : 53
Nominal Power Handling (Pnom)(W) : 35
Max Power Handling (Pmax)(W) : 70
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)(dB) : 87
Weight (M)(Kg) : 1.6
VC Diameter (mm) : 25
DC (Re)(Ω) : 6.5
VC Length (H)(mm) : 10.0
VC Former : SV
VC Frame : Kapton
Magnet System : Shielded
Magnet Former : Ferrite
Force Factor (BL)(N/A) : 7.8
Gap Height (He)(mm) : 5.0
Linear Excursion (Xmax)(mm) : 2.5
Suspension Compliance (Cms)(uM/N) : 863
Mechanical Q (Qms) : 4.00
Electrical Q (Qes) : 0.36
Total Q (Qts) : 0.33
Moving Mass (Mms)(g) : 10.5
Effective Piston Area (Sd)(m2) : 0.0079
Equivalent Air Volume (Vas)(L) : 8.4
Cabinet Type : Vented
Recommended Box Volume(Vb)(L) : 8
Tuning Frequency(Fb)(Hz) : 60
-3dB Cut-Off Frequency(F3)(Hz) : 55

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