Tymphany 6½ inch midwoofer magnesium chassis polycone
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General description

Nominal impedance [ohm] 8
Voice coil resistance [ohm] 5.8
Nominal power [W] 40
Short term max power [W] 350
Long term max power [W] 150
Operating power [W] 6.3
Sensitivity [dB] 88
Frequency range [Hz] 37-5000
Free air resonance [Hz] 37
Voice coil diameter [mm] 32
Voice coil height [mm] 14
Air gap height [mm] 6
Voice coil inductance [mH] 0.55
Eff. diaphragm Area [cm²] 136
Moving mass [g] 14
Magnet weight [g]/[oz] 415/14.6
Force factor [Bl] 6.5
VAS [l] 34.7
Qms 1.55
Qes 0.45
Qts 0.35

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