Tymphany 1 inch dome tweeter fabric diaphragm high sensitivity
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General description

The goal for this tweeter series was to create a transducer that has a frequency response that is flat to above 20K, and where the distortion is far lower than normal and more friendly to the ear. The tweeters represent a unique approach to tweeter design that has resulted in unrivaled performance, as well as in several patents (Dual Ring Radiator diaphragm , wave-guide center plug).

In this design, our audio engineers have tried to reinvent the traditional dome tweeter. Based on the knowledge obtained from work on the XT series, the R&D team combined a traditional dome design with the large surround of the XT. This results in a tweeter that has a very good dispersion and low distortion, due to the improved control of the diaphragm. Driver Highlights: dome tweeter, fabric diaphragm,

High sensitivity, High Dispersion

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