AUDYN-CAP plus foil capacitor 6.80uF 800V 35 x 63mm
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These low loss capacitors have been developed for extreme impulse/power handling. An important design/constructional feature is the power handling of the connection between the foils (electrodes) and the end. The Audyn Cap Plus has a vastly improved system of connecting the electrodes to the end leads.

Audyn Cap Plus also utilizes an internal series connection system whereby layers of metal foil are combined with a one side metallized "blind" layer. As a result of the double metallization performance is greatly enhanced.

Dielectric: Polypropylene
Winding: Induction free: 2 windings series connected
Capacity: 0.01uF through to 22.0uF
Tolerance: 2%
Layers: Vacuum metallized
Connecting (end leads): Tinned copper wire
Working Voltage: 800V/1200V
Body: Aluminum, Synthetic material (plastic)
Loss angle: tan = 0.00002 at 1kHz
Application: High - End equipment for optimal music reproduction

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