Jantzen 0,82 F Z silver gold cap Vdc 800 volt 2% aluminum tube
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General description

More resolution, more sound stage. Lots of dynamics, fast reaction, live feeling and natural sound.

The SilverGold Z-cap makes an extraordinary appearance: delivering a rich sound, full of tonal colors, but without any coloration and crystal clear without the slightest hint of sharpness.

You can almost feel the fine details and rich texture in midtones and treble, sans any compromise! From its remarkable, fine-tuned micro dynamics, the SilverGold Z-cap creates a fascinating, bigger-than-life orchestra every instrument and note in perfect harmony.

The Jantzen Audio SilverGold Z-cap is also very versatile. Use it in a speaker crossover or as a coupling cap in an amplifier even in a power supply it shows its mastery.

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