Seas Excel T29CF002 1 inch tweeter fabric dome
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The T29CF002, ”CRESCENDO” is an Ultra High End 29mm soft dome tweeter with a HEXADYM magnet system. An optimally shaped dome and integrated wide surround manufactured by SEAS from SONOMEX ensure excellent performance and consistency. A high effi ciency HEXADYM magnet system (US Patent 6020805) based on 6 radially magnetized NdFeB magnet blocks provide effi cient ventilation and damping of cavities behind the dome, surround and voice coil. Moderate magnetic stray fi elds represent no problems in AV installations. A generously underhung voice coil with fl exible lead-out wires, ensures low distortion even with low crossover frequencies. A 6mm precision machined aluminum front plate with moderate horn loading ensures linear frequency response and reasonable effi ciency. The central part of the horn is made from chrome plated precision machined brass. A substantial injection moulded rear chamber made from zinc eliminates unwanted chamber wall resonances and conducts heat away from the magnet system. The rear chamber and the front plate are Nextel painted to obtain a durable and attractive fi nish.

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