Jantzen 6,800 mH C core coil Cu 1,2 (17AWG) Rdc 0,17 Ohm core R 10
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General description

C-Coil is wound around a sandwich core, and it has extremely low resistance and can shift a large amount of power without getting over heated.

The core is formed like a donut with a round cross section, and it is wound from one long piece of laminated steel tape.

The surface of the core is epoxy coated to secure against short circuit even at a very high load.

We have tested the inductor with a carrying load of 1000 Watt, and it lasted and stood up well.

It can stand upto 700 Watt per 48 hrs in one go.

The C-Coil is designed for Bass, Sub-Woofer and Amplifiers, in different core and wire sizes.

Please note!

The C-Coil cannot be measured using a universal LC meter. Due to the characteristics of the core and winding method, it is important to use a professional RLC meter. We measure all C-Coils before shipping them using a professional RCL meter at AC 1 V 1 kHz.

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