Wavecor 12 die cast, alu cone passive radiator
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General description

PR310WA01 is a passive unit designed for dedicated subwoofer applications - as a partner to our active subwoofer units.
Due to low mechanical losses PR310WA01 masters equally well low level details and extreme dynamic requirements.
For demanding subwoofer applications using a passive unit is usually the only real alternative to sealed enclosures with active bass boost.
To make experimenting and individual tuning convenient and easy, the PR310WA01 is delivered with three separate extra loads that are easily applied onto a threaded rod on the rear side of the cone (see picture below).

* Extremely rigid aluminium cone for precise transient response
* Die cast alu chassis
* Rear M8 threaded rod for trouble free and rigid addition of extra mass
* Delivered with three separate mass loads for easy custom tuning

Extra mass is easily added on the rear (see picture above). Either one, two or all three included mass loads can be added, or any custom mass object can be added simply using an M8 nut for fastening. The loads included with PR310WA01 do not require any nuts as they are made with M8 threaded center holes.
For experiments trying out different values of moving mass for different tunings, it is usually sufficient just to tighten the loads/nut by hand.
Once the final mass has been determined it is recommend to add some adhesive to secure the loads from coming loose during operation.

Nominal size 12[inch.]
Effective radiating area, Sd 513 []
Resonance freq., Fs (free air), without additional mass 19[Hz]
- with additional 50g mass 17.5[Hz]
- with additional 100g mass 16.2[Hz]
- with additional 150g mass 15.2 [Hz]
- with additional 200 g mass 14.4[Hz]
- with additional 250g mass 13.7[Hz]
- with additional 300g mass 13.1[Hz]
- with additional 350g mass 12.5 [Hz]
Moving mass (free air), without extra weight (may be be increase in 50g steps from+50g to+350g)270[g]
Suspension compliance, Cms 0.26 [mm/N]
Equiv. air volume, Vas 97 [lit.]
Mechanical Q, Qm, without additional mass 13-
Total unit net weight (incl. 3 extra weights) 1.5[kg]

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