Tymphany 2,5 inch full range
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Peerless full range drivers set the standard for quality audio in products including flat panel televisions and sound bars, MP3 and cell phone docking stations, and multimedia PCs. With their high power handling, smooth, even dispersion and low distortion, the Peerless full range drivers can be paired with the Tymphany LAT250 for great bass performance.

Features include: A Neodymium motor structure and doubleventing system that helps keep dynamic range intact, as the transducer can handle more power and dissipate excess heat efficiently. An anodized aluminum dome provides superior sound dispersion and off-axis response. A semi-progressive surround reduces distortion, especially at high output through long excursion. The driversí direct connected dome dust cap (connected to the magnet system voice coil) improves dispersion at high frequencies, providing superior sound on the high notes. The inserted cupper cap on the pole piece ensures control the system impedance, thereby extending the upper frequency range.

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