Dayton Audio 18650 Battery Extension Board for Bluetooth Amplifier
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General description

Lithium battery power is your best option when building high power portable sound projects. Connect and charge three 18650 lithium batteries to your KAB board using the Dayton Audio KAB-BE. Enjoy prolonged listening with this advanced power option.

Product Highlights
Under/over voltage protection prevents over charging the batteries
Voltage balancing keeps the sound playing even if one of the batteries is weaker than the others
Holds three 18650 Li-Ion batteries (sold separately)
Built-in 8" 4-conductor cable plugs directly into KAB Bluetooth amp boards

Product Description The Dayton Audio KAB-BE Li-Ion battery charging board holds three 18650 batteries (sold separately). This charging board has built in under/over voltage protection circuits for safe charging and battery longevity. It balances different voltages between batteries in case one battery discharges faster than the other ones. A 19 VDC, 1-5A power adapter works best for charging batteries contained in this board. Additional boards can be sequenced together to provide longer playing time.

Please note: When removing batteries from the KAB-BE, the charging adapter must be plugged in momentarily after the new batteries have been inserted. Failing to do so will prevent the amp board from powering up.

Included cable: 8" 4-conductor
Board dimensions: 2.68" H x 3.61" L x 1.15" W.

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