Fountek 6 1/2 inch midwoofer alu basket
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General description

Overall Dimensions D168X79.5mm
Net. Weight 1.76kgs
Nominal Power Handlng 50 W rms
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 1W/1M 87.3dB
Frequency Response 40-4,000Hz
Resonant frequency 45Hz

Magnet System
Magnet system type ferrite
Magnetic Gap Height 5.8mm
B Flux Density 1.0T
Bl Product 8.2Tm
Max Linear Excursion 4.6mm +/-

Voice Coil
Voice Coil Diameter 36mm
Voice Coil Height 15mm
Voice Coil Former Black aluminum
Voice Coil Wire copper round
Number of Layers 2
DC Resistance 7.2 Ohms

T/S Parameter
Cms 0.821mm/N
Sd 119cm^2
Vas 16.5L
Mmd 13.955gm
Mms 14.7gm
Qms 3.246
Qes 0.452
Qts 0.397

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