Beyma 15 inch coaxial loudspeaker 350W

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General description

This dual loudspeaker incorporates a 15 bass transducer, featuring a 3 voice coil diameter, edgewound aluminium ribbon wire, and a concentrically mounted 2 compression driver into an integrated voice coil gap magnet system. This design achieves high efficiency, smooth frequency response, low distortion, reduces phasing problems in the crossover region, and simplifies enclosure design.

Key Features

- Exceptional power handling: 300 w AES (low frequencies) and 100 w AES (high frequencies)
- Combination of a 15" bass loudspeaker and a 2" exit compression driver
- L.F. Unit: 3" (77 mm.) edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil
- H.F. Unit: 2.8" (72.2 mm.) edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil
- Titanium diaphragm compression driver
- Low weight due to the common magnet system for both units
- Coherent response
- Bass loudspeaker designed for the use in compact bass-reflex cabinets

Technical Specifications
L.F. Unit
Nominal Diameter 380 mm. 15 in.
Rated Impedance 8 ohms.
Minimum impedance 7.3 ohms.
Power capacity 300 w AES
Program power 600 w
Sensitivity 99 dB 2.83v @ 1m @ 2p
Frequency Range 25 - 3000 Hz
Recom. enclosure vol. 60 / 150 l 2.14 / 5.59 ft3
Voice coil diameter 77 mm. 3 in.
Magnetic assembly weight 6.4 kg. 14.11 lb.
BL factor 14.5 N/A
Moving mass 0.070 kg.
Voice coil length 13 mm.
Depth 180 mm. 7 in.
Air gap height 8 mm.
X damage 28 mm.
H.F. Unit
Rated impedance 8 ohms.
Minimum impedance 6.5 ohms. @ 1 kHz
Power capacity
100 w AES
Frequency Range 800 - 17000 Hz
Sensitivity 105 dB 2.83v @ 1m @ 2p
Voice coil diameter 72.2 mm. 2.8 in
Flux density 1.4 T
BL Factor 7.5 N/A
Dispersion 90

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