Beyma 1 throat entry horn
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General description

This 1 throat entry horn is constructed of cast aluminium, and is designed to provide uniform on and off-axis frequency response, with uncoloured and natural sound reproduction. The constant directivity characteristics of this model ensure the ability to cover 90 wide horizontally and 40 wide vertically, at virtually any frequency within its operational range. Since the response remains essentially constant, equalisation is easily simplifed. Its flat front finish facilitates flush mounting.

Key Features
- Designed for compression drivers with 1" mouth diameter
- It provides uniform response, on and off-axis with a neutral and natural frequency reproduction
- Coverage angles of 90 in the horizontal plane and 40 in the vertical plane
- Straightforward mounting in compact enclosures thanks to its plane mouth finish and minimised horn depth


Technical Specifications
Throat diameter 25 mm. 1 in.
Horizontal beamwidth 90 (+0 -40)
(-6 dB, 1.25 - 16 kHz)
Vertical beamwidth 40 (+40 -1)
(-6 dB, 2 - 16 kHz)
Directivity factor (Q) 11.8 (average 1.25 - 16 kHz)
Directivity index (DI) 10.7 dB (+2.3 dB, -3.1 dB)
Cutoff frequency 1.2 kHz
Dimensions W x H x D: 230 x 170 x 92 mm.
Cutout dimensions W x H 180 x 136 mm.
Net weight 0.9 kg.
Shipping weight 1 kg.
Construction Cast aluminium.
Connection of driver by four screws
on a 57 mm. diameter bolt circle.