Visaton magnetically shielded 25 mm (1 inch) high-end dome driver
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Magnetically shielded 25 mm (1") high-end dome driver with a ceramic dome.
Ceramic is an exceedingly hard material and, if used correctly, produces crystal clear, perfectly reproduced sound even at high volume settings and with no distortion.

The pole piece perforation coupled with the flow-optimized rounded shape and the damping in the cavity guarantee a very low resonance frequency. In addition, the voice coil mount and the cavity in which the voice coil is mounted are ventilated. This enables the dome to oscillate freely even at low frequencies without the slightest trace of compression.
A completely new feature is the integrated impedance linearising function using an LRC element. This means that the dome can be easily integrated in a network of crossovers.

Since ceramic is highly sensitive to touch, a grille has been included. This grille is fitted on the inside with an acoustic low-pass filter in the shape of a transparent ring, which does not begin to operate until 25 kHz are achieved, when it damps any material-borne resonance. The grille has the added advantage of improving omni-directional sound distribution at higher frequencies.

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