Beyma 10 inch low-mid loudspeaker 350W
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General description

This low-mid frequency transducer offers three main points of interest: a high efficiency (5.2 %), an extremely linear frequency response and a low harmonic distortion. These characteristics make it suitable for high quality sound reinforcement systems, especially for live applications. Beyond its frequency response advantages, this loudspeaker offers more: it takes profit of the improvements achieved in our low frequency-high power transducers. Thus, it incorporates a high quality voice coil and a large magnetic assembly to provide efficient heat dissipation. Thanks to this design concept of strongness, the 10 MI100 reaches a considerable power handling (350 w AES).

Key Features
- Very high efficiency (5.2 %)
- Extremely linear frequency response
- Low harmonic distortion
- 3 edgewound aluminium voice coil with polymide fiber glass former
- Large magnetic assembly to provide efficient heat dissipation
- Designed for high quality mid-frequency reproduction