Tymphany 1″ tweeter
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The HDS tweeter builds on long history of danish tweeter design by optimizing several key design elements for pure, clean music reproduction. The HDS tweeter uses a very light, low mass soft dome with high internal damping, and a highly-optimized, low-compression magnet system, which was designed especially for the low mass dome. The result is a driver that has both good sensitivity and an impressive range into the lower frequencies. The low mass dome, coupled with a fully vented motor system provides noncompressed sound reproduction over the entire frequency response. This combination allows the HDS tweeter to be used in systems with lower cross-over points than is recommended for most normal tweeters, making this product a powerful tool for any acoustic designer in the process of tuning a system. The HDS tweeter is ideal for use in applications including home entertainment, studio monitors, and general hi-fi systems.

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