Beyma compression driver 30W 2-20kHz 8Ohm
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General description

This compression tweeter is a professional lightweight unit, featuring an aluminium voice coil-diaphragm assembly and constant directivity horn. The voice coil is wound from flat aluminium wire, bonded to an aluminium diaphragm for extended response and excellent transient attack. This device has a wide controlled dispersion in the horizontal and vertical axes (90 x 60), and a smooth response in all its frequency range with an incredibly high sound pressure. The diaphragm assembly is field replaceable without soldering.

Key Features
1 (25.8 mm) edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil
Great power handling, in spite of its small size: 15 w AES
Aluminium diaphragm
Constant directivity horn to achieve an extended coverage angle: 90 x 60
Excellent transient response
High Sensitivity: 104 dB