Beyma 6,5 low/mid frequency loudspeaker
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General description

This low-mid frequency transducer is specially intended for line array applications. It is well known that is very important to reduce the distance between transducers in this kind of systems. Taking into account this design factor, a new basket with a special shape has been developed. This new basket allows the loudspeakers to be placed closer. By the other hand, the 6G40 characteristics have been optimized in order to fit in the most demanding line array designs. This model features a high power handling (170 w AES), an excellent sensitivity (95 dB) and an extended frequency response with very low distortion (thanks to the use of a copper ring). Moreover, its T-S parameters make possible to obtain an excellent bass response when used in small bass-reflex cabinets.

- Excellent sensitivity (95 dB)
- High power handling (170 w AES)
- 2" (51.7 mm.) aluminium voice coil
- Designed for compact bass-reflex applications
- Low weight due to the neodymium magnet system
- Optimized for the use in line array systems

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