Beyma 15 inch low frequency loudspeaker 450W
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General description

This 15 bass loudspeaker has been designed to achieve a very light loudspeaker with superior technical specifications. Thus, the magnetic system incorporates a high energy neodymium magnet, reducing the total mass of the unit to less than 50% of a conventional ferrite model. Moreover, the heat dissipation has been improved with the use of extra-cooling. The 15LW30 incorporates a 3 voice coil made with high quality materials: round copper wire with high temperature bonding strength and polyimide former. The 15LW30 is highly recommended for those woofer applications that require a light and small loudspeaker with excellent technical specifications.

Key Features

- Ultra light loudspeaker (4.47 kg. 9.83 lb.)
- 3 (77 mm.) voice coil
- High sensitivity: 99 dB
- High performance neodymium magnet system
- Half the weight than a conventional ferrite model
- Large Xmax: 7 mm.
- Extra vented magnetic structure
- Designed for extremely compact woofer applications

Technical specifications
Nominal diameter 380 mm. 15 in.
Rated impedance 8 ohms.
Minimum impedance 7 ohms.
Power capacity 450 w AES
Program Power 900 w
Sensitivity 99 dB 2.83v @ 1m @ 2pi
Frequency range 35 - 4000 Hz
Recom. enclosure vol.

40 / 80 l 1.41 / 2.83 ft.3

Voice coil diameter 77 mm. 3 in.
Magnetic assembly weight 3.45 kg. 7.59 lb.
BL factor 18.9 N / A
Moving mass 0.083 kg.
Voice coil length 17 mm.
Air gap height 8 mm.
X damage (peak to peak) 30 mm.

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