Beyma 2 inch compression driver 80W 0.5-18 kHz 8 Ohm
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General description

This 2" professional high quality compression driver features a composite diaphragm assembly. The mylar surround provides damping and avoids typical resonant peaks of metal surrounds. By the other hand, the pure titanium dome exhibits the unique mechanical properties of this material. The diaphragm is attached to a 3" edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil, providing exceptional high acoustic pressure over an extremely wide frequency range. The use of a rim centred diaphragm allows field replacement without soldering.

Technical Specifications
Throat diameter 49 mm. 2 in.
Rated impedance 8 ohms.
Minimum impedance 6.9 ohms. @ 3.3 kHz
D.C. Resistance 5.5 ohms.
Power capacity 80 w AES above 1 kHz
Program Power 160 w above 1 kHz
Sensitivity 109 dB 1w @ 1m coupled
to TD-460N horn
Frequency range 0.5 - 18 kHz
Recom. crossover 0.8 kHz or higher, 12 dB/oct. min.
Voice coil diameter 72.2 mm. 2.84 in.
Magnetic assembly weight 4.1 kg. 9.02 lb.
Flux density 1.55 T.
BL Factor 8.8 N/A

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