Visaton 3-way column speaker DIY kit - per pair(5898)
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Symphonie's sound profile can best be described as very mellow and melodious. The two AL 170 8 Ohm 17-cm woofers generate a full-bodied but well-defined bass in their isolated bass reflex compartments that one would not normally expect of a design such as this. Even at the lowest bass frequencies, Symphonie retains its fidelity and produces clear, precise sound even at high volumes.

The highlight of the Symphonie system is the 50-mm G 50 FFL 8 Ohm mid-range dome. In the mid-range, it is this driver that ensures unbelievably tangible reproduction of the stage arrangement and provides clearer detection of the central (vocalist's) position than that provided by many other systems. Even recordings that are not perfectly spatial come across as well separated from the speakers, thanks to the Symphonie. As a result, longer listening sessions become a source of relaxed long-term pleasure.

In the high-frequency range, the well-known ceramic dome driver, the KE 25 SC 8 Ohm, is used to good effect and rounds off the overall sound picture with its silky-smooth sound properties and outstanding linearity.

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